Over the last twenty years DV Cuisine has produced culinary programs and documentaries on chefs, farmers and food producers all over the world.

We produced a variety of Documentaries on chefs and culinary competitions’ for the US and Canadian Food Networks.

DV Cuisine created five volumes of our iBook series (Cookbook with biography) of Chef Hartmut Handke, CMC.

We followed chef Handke when he competed for the Bocuse d’Or in France resulting in our TV production called “Chefs Dream” for the Food Network.

The iBooks have stories about his life as a chef and recipes of the dishes he created over his long career. Built in the iBooks are the videos on how to create these delicious dishes.

Our objective is to educate our viewers about growing and cooking with local seasonal foods. We are working with chefs from around the world to inspire and educate you on living a healthy lifestyle where food is important.

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