The Chef Nicolas Show

Ma Cuisine – My Kitchen

When the Covid pandemic broke out all our projects came to a halt. So what are we going to do now?We came up with an idea to make an animated cooking show by creating Chef Nicolas, made of clay, and with the help of Adobe’s Character Animator brought this chef to life. We also made a studio and kitchen set for this show. Each show will feature one vegetable.
Chef Nicolas interviews the vegetable and in the second part creates a dish with that vegetable. So far we have featured Beets, Tomatoes, Kohlrabi and Fennel.
We also created two other shows where chef Nicolas interviews a guest. One is Chef Hartmut Handke who we followed for one of our Bocuse d’Or shows and the other one is DV Cuisine producer Nick Versteeg who talks about his Apple Book series.

We are planning to make a special show for kids and vegetables in the near future.

Please let us know what you think of our newly created program by giving us some feedback or suggestions for future shows.


Chef Nicolas Introduction show


Chef Nicolas Beets Show

In the first show of Ma Cuisine – My Kitchen we will be featuring Beets. Chef Nicolas talk to the Beet Sisters who are talking about the benefits of eating beets.
Then he creates two simple dishes. A beet appetizer and roasted beets.


Chef Nicolas Fennel Show

In our second episode of Ma Cuisine – My Kitchen Chef Nicolas interviews the Fennel. In this cooking portion he creates a fabulous summer crab salad with fennel juice.


Chef Nicolas with Hartmut Show

In the third show of Ma Cuisine – My Kitchen Chef Nicolas has a guest, Master Chef Hartmut Handke of the United States, who tells his story of running a restaurant and competing at the Bocuse d’Or in France. In this segment Chef Nicolas creates one of his recipes “Jamaican Meat Patties”